This River in Colombia Turns Into a Liquid Rainbow

There are many beautiful places all over the world which are full of many mysteries. At these places, you can see such views of nature, after which you will also be surprised. If you have not seen any such place, then today we tell you about some such beautiful places.

1- A river in Colombia known as 'River of 7 Colors'. The special thing about this river is that its water is of seven colours. But the reason for showing seven colours in this river is the flowers on its banks, the colour of these flowers is seen in the water so that the colour of its water can be seen in different colours.

2- Swarovski Face Fountain of Austria is also known for its beauty, this unique tourist place is such that tourists come from abroad to visit. Children also like this place very much.

3- A rock sculpture has been formed between Romania and Serbia which is visited by tourists from all over the world. This rock sculpture has been composed by some artists.

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