Commercial LPG gas cylinder price hiked by Rs7 Across Cities
Commercial LPG gas cylinder price hiked by Rs7 Across Cities

NEW DELHI: Public sector Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have announced a price increase of Rs 7 per commercial LPG gas cylinder. This adjustment reflects an alteration in the retail sales price of a 19kg commercial LPG cylinder in Delhi, which now stands at Rs 1,780, up from Rs 1,773. Meanwhile, domestic LPG cylinder prices remain unaffected by this change. The impact of this hike will also be felt in Mumbai, where the price will rise from Rs 1,733.50 to Rs 1,740.50. Similarly, in Chennai, the price will increase from Rs 1,945 to Rs 1,952, and in Kolkata, it will surge from Rs 1,895 to Rs 1,902.

It is worth noting that before this recent adjustment, commercial LPG cylinder prices experienced two consecutive reductions in May and June of this year. During May, OMCs slashed the price by Rs 172, and in June, it was further reduced by Rs 83. Moreover, effective June 1, the prices of commercial LPG cylinders saw a substantial decrease of Rs 83.50, settling at Rs 1,773 per unit of 19 kg.

Conversely, domestic cylinder prices did not undergo any revision during this period. Typically, oil marketing companies revise LPG prices on the first day of each month, with variations observed across different states due to varying local taxes.

Taking a glimpse at previous adjustments, in May, petroleum and oil marketing companies decreased the price of commercial LPG cylinders by Rs 171.50. The preceding month, April, witnessed a reduction of Rs 91.50 per unit. On March 1 of this year, these companies implemented a significant hike of Rs 350.50 per unit for commercial LPG cylinders, accompanied by a Rs 50 increase for domestic LPG cylinders.

The latest reduction in commercial cylinder prices occurred on September 1 last year when a decrease of Rs 91.50 was implemented. Additionally, on August 1, 2022, prices of commercial LPG cylinders experienced a reduction of Rs 36.

This recent price hike in commercial LPG gas cylinders marks an essential turning point, triggering adjustments in various cities. The fluctuations in LPG prices by the Oil Marketing Companies, coupled with periodic revisions, continue to shape the landscape of the domestic and commercial cylinder market.

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