'Common civil code act should be brought before 2024...', Swami Rambhadracharya

Lucknow: On December 15, the 'Hindu Ekta Mahakumbh' will be held at Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh. It will be attended by famous saints from throughout the country. Senior rss (RSS) officials will also be in attendance. The Chief Guest will be RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat (Mohan Bhagwat). Meanwhile, when speaking to the media, Jagadguru Swami Rambhadraacharya (Jadguru Swami Rambhadracharya), president of Hindu Ekta Mahakumbh, made a significant comment.

According to Jagadguru Swami Rambhadraacharya, the number of Hindus in the country is quickly reducing. The number of Hindus in the country is fast dwindling as a result of conversions. According to him, Hindus' very survival is at jeopardy as a result of this. There are two children being born here, and there are between 20 and 25 children being born. The topic of a common civic code of behaviour would be brought up before RSS president Mohan Bhagwat, according to Rambhadraacharya. He is the Sangh's head, and I am the head of the saints. As a result, this will be presented in front of them. That is why they have been asked to participate in the programme.

The Uniform Civil Code of Conduct Bill (Uniform Civil Code) should be tabled in Parliament before 2024, according to Rambhadraacharya. Parliament would have to listen if 100 crore Hindus raise their voices in unison. According to reports, bollywood celebrities, including saints and politicians, would attend the 'Hindu Ekta Mahakumbh.' The state of Uttar Pradesh is planning to hold elections next year. Before the elections, the BJP will endeavour to advance the RSS's agenda. BJP leaders have previously urged the introduction of a standard civic code of conduct.



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