Completion of Dhadhar River Bridge Marks Milestone for Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project
Completion of Dhadhar River Bridge Marks Milestone for Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project

GUJRAT: In a significant development for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project, the construction of the Dhadhar River bridge in Vadodara district, Gujarat, has been successfully completed. This crucial bridge spans 120 meters and features three Full Span Girders, each measuring 40 meters. The bridge's piers range from 16 meters to 20 meters in height, with circular piers of 4 meters and 5 meters in diameter. Positioned between Bharuch and Vadodara bullet train stations, it plays a pivotal role in the project's infrastructure.

The Mumbai-Ahmedabad corridor, known for its ambitious bullet train initiative, includes a total of 24 river bridges—20 in Gujarat and 4 in Maharashtra. Noteworthy among these are the recently completed bridges over rivers such as Par (320 meters, Valsad district), Purna (360 meters, Navsari district), Mindhola (240 meters, Navsari district), Ambika (200 meters, Navsari district), Auranga (320 meters, Valsad district), Venganiya (200 meters, Navsari district), and Mohar River (160 meters, Kheda district).

To ensure the safety and efficiency of the high-speed rail service, the National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited has implemented an advanced Rainfall Monitoring System. This automated system utilizes rain gauges equipped with sophisticated instrumentation to provide real-time data on rainfall conditions.

According to statements from the corporation, each rain gauge features a tripping cell that generates signal pulses based on the volume of rain collected. These pulses are transmitted through a signal communication line to the Facility Controller System at the Operation Control Centre (OCC), where they are continuously monitored. The system delivers critical measurements including Hourly Rainfall, indicating rainfall within the last hour, and 24-Hour Rainfall, detailing cumulative rainfall over the preceding 24 hours.

The completion of the Dhadhar River bridge and the implementation of the Rainfall Monitoring System represent significant steps forward in the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project, underscoring ongoing progress towards safe and efficient high-speed rail operations.

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