Indore: Computer baba car collided with trolley, survived

Indore: Mahamandaleshwar Computer Baba's car was hit from the front by a trolley on Indore Ichhapur Highway in Madhya Pradesh, though Baba narrowly escaped the major accident. He is said to be fine but his driver was injured. According to the information received, the incident took place when Baba was on his way to Khandwa campaign for the by-election. According to reports, the incident took place around 12.30 pm last Monday. What is the matter- Yes, last Monday, a trolley hit computer Baba's car near Jhiri village on Indore Ichhapur Highway. The collision was so terrible and fast that Baba's car was badly damaged.

Watch the video of the collision here...

Baba's life was saved in the accident but his driver was injured. He has now been sent to Burhanpur District Hospital for treatment. In this case, Baba said that he was accompanied by five saints and a car in the back of the car. He said his car was hit by an oncoming trolley near Jhiri village and a huge crowd gathered on the highway after the accident. According to reports, computer Baba's BP increased due to panic due to the accident and due to this, he lay down on the road.

According to reports, Baba was on his way to Khandwa campaign for the by-election where Computer Baba campaigned in favour of Congress candidate Raj Narayan Singh. The real name of Computer Baba is Namdev Das Tyagi, but he is known as Computer Baba. He is originally from Barela village in the Jabalpur district.

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