The daughter of the conductor fell madly in love with the bus driver

Muzaffarpur: In a shocking incident, the driver of a government bus in Bihar's Muzaffarpur fell in love with the daughter of the conductor of the same bus and both of them ran away from home. After that, both of them got married in film style, whose story is very interesting. In fact, the driver of a bus used to run the bus on the same route as the conductor's house where he sometimes went to eat food. Due to this, he met the conductor's daughter in the house, after which both of them fell in love with each other.

After several months, both of them decided to get married and fled the house. After the daughter ran away from the house, the conductor's father reached the police station and filed a case against the driver. On the basis of the mobile location, the police recovered the young man and woman and brought them to the police station. There, both of them claimed to be adults, which the police investigated and their words turned out to be true. Subsequently, the police called the family members of both of them to the police station and counselled them. Due to both being adults, the family members of the girl and the boy agreed and decided to get married. Then chunri and sindoor were ordered from the market, after which both of them put a garland around each other's neck and the driver filled the vermilion on the demand of the bus conductor's daughter.  

Both of them got married by considering the policemen as witnesses in the Shiva temple of the police station premises. Regarding this incident, Police Station President Kumar Abhishek said that no written complaint was made by the family. We recovered her at our level and handed her over to the family. After age verification, the families of both were explained, after which the decision to get married was taken. After marriage, the young man said that I drive a government bus and was in love with the conductor's daughter for 3-4 months. We both got married of our own free will. We have also registered the marriage through the police station and are very happy. Regarding the marriage, the boy's mother said that my son drives a bus and the girl's father is a bus conductor. My son went to their house to eat. Meanwhile, my son fell in love with his daughter and both of them got married. We are happy with this marriage.

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