'Great sin by spreading confusion over vaccine', says Sambit Patra

New Delhi: The war between the government and the opposition over the corona vaccine is continuing. The Congress has made very serious allegations about covaxin this time, which BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra has once again attacked the Congress and tried to dispel the confusion. Patra said the Congress has committed a great sin by spreading confusion over the vaccine. He said, the kind of confusion that the Congress party has spread today by its spokesperson Pawan Kheda through social media and press conferences on the covaxin made in India is a great sin.

Patra further said, "In his press conference, Pawan Kheda and Congress social media national convenor Gaurav Pandhi have blamed that covaxin contains serum of cow calf. It was even reported on social media that the vaccine has been prepared by killing cows and calves. While the Health Ministry and scientists have categorically stated that no cow or calf serum is found in the covaxin. This vaccine is completely safe and there is no confusion".

India and the whole world are fighting the corona epidemic, the same Patra said during his press conference. And, it is through vaccination that the fight is being carried forward, there are some political parties in the country, especially the Congress, which want to delay this vaccination programme even more, want to create a state of fear, spread confusion. By doing so, the Congress has committed a great sin. The Congress will be remembered for 2 things, to raise doubts about vaccines and to destroy the vaccine.

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