Congress leader retaliated against Mayawati

May 24 2020 04:35 PM
Congress leader retaliated against Mayawati

After the migrant workers and workers amid lockdown and corona transition, Congress now wants to surround the Yogi government on the issue of Dalit oppression. Not only the government but the BSP national president Mayawati has also been targeted by the Congress. Speaking to reporters at the Congress State Headquarters on Sunday, senior party leader PL Punia said that in Uttar Pradesh's Yogi Adityanath's anti-Dalit government, attacks on Dalit society have increased in state protection. On giving an example of many incidents, he said that there is a long list and all this is happening under government protection.

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In his statement, senior Congress leader PL Punia said that we have consistently raised the issue of Dalit oppression and are fighting but what proves the silence of Mayawati, the leader of self-proclaimed Dalits. He is with the anti-Dalit BJP government. He said that incidents of violence against Dalits have increased in the last two months in UP. On giving an example, he said that a Dalit youth who was haircut in Ayodhya was strangled to death with a sharp-edged weapon. In Kannauj, BJP MP Subrata Pathak stormed the house of Tehsildar Arvind Kumar, but no action was taken so far. In Rampur, five people were beaten up with a scavenger and put a chemical solution of sanitizer in his mouth, which made him unconscious and he was admitted to the hospital where he died.

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During this time, Brij Lal Khabari, National Vice President of Congress Scheduled Caste Cell said that the attack on Dalit society has increased in the Yogi government, but Mayawati does not get a word out of her mouth. Why Mayawati does not speak on the oppression against the downtrodden in the state? Alok Prasad, Scheduled Caste Cell chairman of Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee, said that we are serving the entire state. The Congress party is distributing snacks by putting stalls for the migrant workers returning from outside. We are running the kitchen. He said that our state president has been put in jail due to public service. Fake cases have been filed against several dozen politicians, but government suppression cannot stop our service.

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