Show me by winning more than 50 seats, I will darken my face myself', Congress challenges BJP

Shivpuri: Narwar, the only municipal council in the Shivpuri district of MP, is going to the polls on March 6, where the BJP and the Congress are in the fray due to the election campaign. Former Congress MLA Phoolsinh Baraiya, who arrived in Narwar on Thursday for the campaign, has challenged the BJP to win more than 50 seats in the upcoming assembly elections.  

The former MLA Baraiya, while addressing the gathering due to the election campaign, claimed that the BJP will not be able to win more than 50 seats in the upcoming assembly elections. If BJp wins more than 50 seats, I will stand in front of Raj Bhavan and blacken my face with my hands. Phool Singh Baraiya said that this has also been given by him in writing to senior BJP leaders.  

In fact, congress leader Phool Singh Baraiya had come to campaign for the Congress in ward number 10 of the Narwar Municipal Council, where he made this claim while addressing a gathering. Addressing the gathering, he said that Congress workers should not lower their morale. Congress workers should keep their morale high and work to uproot the BJP. He said that if the SC, ST and Muslim votes go to the congress, the congress will be successful in forming a unilateral government in Madhya Pradesh. Last time when the Congress formed its government in the state, the Congress got 1 crore 30 lakh votes, while due to the low morale, the SC, ST and Muslim category got very fewer votes. If their vote is 2 crore 36 lakh in the state. If all this is found by Congress, the BJP will not even be able to save its bail.

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