Congress MLA apologizes for the statement 'lying down and having fun when raped'

R Ramesh Kumar, a senior Congress MLA in Karnataka, recently made indecent remarks about women. He has now apologized amid the increased controversy after making his remarks. Yes, he apologized for his rape remark, saying, 'I have no objection to apologizing.' Let us tell you that a complaint has been lodged in Delhi against this remark of the MLA. In fact, on his rape remarks today, former Speaker of the Assembly and Congress MLA Ramesh Kumar said, 'If it has hurt the sentiments of women, then I have no objection in apologizing. I sincerely apologize.

Let us tell you that against the controversial remark, Delhi-based NGO Society for Securing Justice has filed a complaint against MLA Ramesh and demanded to take legal action against him and cancel his membership. In this complaint, the Governor of Karnataka has been requested to take strict action against Ramesh and his membership should be terminated for making indecent and derogatory remarks against women. What was said by senior Congress MLA KR Ramesh Kumar - In fact, former Speaker of Karnataka Legislative Assembly and senior Congress MLA KR Ramesh Kumar, while making a very controversial remark in the assembly on Thursday, said that "when rape has to happen" So lie down and have fun." He said this at a time when the issue of damages related to rains and floods was being discussed in the assembly. During this, many MLAs were trying to put the condition of the people of their respective areas on the table.

Meanwhile, Assembly Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri was short of time and had to complete the discussion by 6 pm while the MLAs were requesting an extension. In such a situation, Kageri laughed and said, 'I am in a position where I have to have fun and yes, yes. Ok. That's what I feel. I should stop controlling the situation and proceed in an orderly manner. I should tell everyone that you continue your talk. During this, he said that his complaint is only that the business of the House is not being done. When he said this, former minister Ramesh Kumar intervened and said, 'Look, there is a saying - 'when rape is bound to happen, lie down and have fun'. You are in exactly the same condition.

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