'The country is talking about friend-monopoly,' Rahul Gandhi said on NMP

New Delhi: The opposition has started to crack down on the National Monetisation Pipeline brought in by the Central Government. Recently, the main opposition Congress has been continuously trying to corner the Central government on the issue. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has recently slammed the Modi government over the NMP. In fact, today, on Sunday, Rahul, a former Congress president, and Wayanad MP tried to corner the government on the pretext of 'Mann Ki Baat' by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.



You can see Rahul wrote in a tweet, 'The country is talking about friend-monopoly!' This is not the first time but Rahul has targeted the Central government on the issue before. Last Saturday, Rahul spoke about the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) report. At that time, he had asked the people that income of the BJP has increased whether their income has increased. In fact, the ADR report points out that the political donations of BJP have increased by 50 percent in the last financial year.

If the ADR report is to be believed, the BJP's income during 2019-20 was Rs 3,623.28 crores. Not only this but it has also been informed in this report that BJP spent 45.57 percent of its income of Rs 1,651 crores during 2019-20. Due to this, Rahul Gandhi tweeted that 'BJP's income has increased by 50 percent and yours?'

The ADR report also informed that the Congress party has 682.21 crores as donations. Earlier last Friday, Rahul had also hit out at the Centre over new agricultural laws. During that time, he termed the new agricultural laws as 'anti-agricultural laws.' At the same time, he accused the Central Government of promoting capitalism.

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