Congress Raises Alarm Over Alleged BJP Interference in Party Finances
Congress Raises Alarm Over Alleged BJP Interference in Party Finances

New Delhi: The Congress party has strongly criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), accusing them of attempting to unlawfully access funds belonging to the grand old party. Congress MP KC Venugopal, addressing reporters, asserted that the BJP's actions signify an authoritarian approach aimed at silencing opposition voices.

Venugopal alleged, "The BJP is unlawfully accessing funds from our bank accounts... We have also governed this nation. If the BJP can provide any evidence of similar incidents occurring during the Congress-led UPA government or Congress rule, we are open to discussion. Has the BJP as a party ever paid income tax? This blatant disregard for democratic principles is an attempt to suppress the voices of India's opposition... It's a clear display of authoritarianism."

Highlighting the issue, Venugopal revealed that the BJP government coerced banks into transferring approximately Rs 65.89 crore from Congress party accounts to the government's coffers.

"The latest reports from banks indicate that the BJP government has pressured banks into transferring around Rs 65.89 crore from our accounts to the government's. These funds belong to the All India Congress Committee (AICC), the Indian Youth Congress, and the National Students' Union of India (NSUI). Unlike the BJP, our funds come from the hard-earned contributions of ordinary party workers... The fact that the bank accounts of the principal opposition party have been accessed just before parliamentary elections is deeply concerning," Venugopal stated.

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