Congress to pay compensation to Muslims acquitted in cow slaughter cases

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh assembly elections may not have been formally announced, but political heat has intensified. The Congress, which has been facing a power drought in the state for three decades, is trying to strengthen its political base with Muslim votes. Congress is eyeing innocent Muslims trapped in Gokashi during the Yogi government. Congress has announced compensation to those acquitted in the Gokashi case if they come to power.

In Uttar Pradesh, a large number of people have been arrested in the Gokashi case since the yogi government came in. Many of those who were booked recently over Gokashi has been granted relief by the High Court. The Congress Minority Committee has prepared a list of more than 48 such people after the high court dismissed the case. Congress seems to be trying to make an election issue about it.

The Congress had recently held a minority general conference in Lucknow, announcing a 16-point resolution paper involving Muslims. It also included a resolution that innocent people who were prosecuted under the Uttar Pradesh Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act have been dismissed by the High Court. Such innocent people will be compensated by Congress when it becomes the government in UP.

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