Congress accuses PM of giving wrong information in his address

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi today delivered his address on Friday. Addressing the nation, Prime Minister Modi spoke about India's success on corona vaccination. After the address, Congress has accused PM Narendra Modi of spreading confusion by giving wrong news and asked him to apologise. Party spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh questioned Prime Minister Modi as to what is being celebrated when 50 per cent of the country's population did not get a single corona vaccine and lakhs of people lost their lives due to the inefficiency of the government.

Addressing the nation, the same Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that today India's vaccination is being compared to countries all over the world, and this campaign is also being appreciated. India had a great place in exploring the vaccine for the countries of the world, but India had so far been dependent on the vaccine made by other countries of the world. Prime Minister Modi said that when there was a major epidemic, many questions started arising. The question arose whether India would be able to vaccinate so many people. Where will India order so many vaccines? Prime Minister Modi said that these 100 crore vaccinations are the answer to every question.

Prime Minister Modi further said, "We should insist on buying every small thing which is made in India, which an Indian is sweating to build, and this will be possible only through all efforts. India's entire vaccination campaign is born in the womb of science, flourished on scientific grounds and has reached all four directions through scientific means. If the vaccine of my country can protect me, the producers of my country, the goods made in my country, my Diwali can be made even bigger.''

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