Social Media: Threat To Society

Social media has become very popular nowadays. The advancement in technology has led more and more people to use social media. As life has become very hectic. People find social media a convenient tool l media to interact and discuss. Social media nowadays is powerful to express oneself and connect with new people and friends.

But as we see the changing lifestyle of people we realize that though we have shown progress and development in all spheres of life we have become very selfish and materialistic. We hardly respect human values and ethics. The up-gradation in technology has made us machine-like. We lack empathy and have little regard for others' pain and pleasure.  We use social media to showcase our supremacy that we are very tech-savvy and abreast of technology

The grim reality is that social media has drifted us apart. People think that they can connect on Facebook and Instagram to strengthen relationships. But, too much online activity has made us rude, arrogant, and uncaring. The excessive use of social media has created an unhealthy atmosphere in society Nowadays, people don't feel to meet and greet often and spread happiness and joy. Gone are the days when wishes on anniversaries and birthdays were offered personally. Now online cards have become popular to express emotions that appear very formal and unreal. In a fast-paced life, relations are more based on money.
With the increase in the use of information tools we also find the abuse of technology. What's app was mainly launched to share important information like professionals using for their work and business but shockingly now anyone downloads whats app and spend useless time on it. Online tools are to make our life easy but not jeopardize them. 

Social media has also led to an increase in crimes. Many girls were blackmailed and harassed on Facebook. People create fake ids and sabotage the credentials of others. Sometimes people post misleading messages on social media that impacts our society to a great extent.
Social media has created hate, animosity, and insecurity in our lives. People want to increase their friends' list on Facebook but they don't have time for their own families. It's high time we understand the gravity of the situation and give up our obsession with social media to lead a meaningful and good life.

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