Conserve forests and water bodies for future generations, says Karnataka Minister

BENGALURU: Respecting the International Day of Forests on Sunday, March 21, Karnataka Health Minister K. Sudhakar called upon the people to conserve forests and water bodies to co-exist for future generations.

While addressing the event organized by Isha Foundation to celebrate the success of the first planting season of Cauvery Calling Movement and International Day of Forests. He said citizens must understand that the fundamental principle of ecology is coexistence and should conserve forests and water bodies for future generations

In the philosophy of Sanatana Hindu Dharma there is an inseparable relationship between mankind and nature. Quoting the example of Lord Shiva's family he said that the mythological vehicle of Lord Shiva is bull which is a prey to Lion, the vehicle of Goddess Durga.

 The vehicle of Lord Ganesha is rat which is, in turn, a prey to the snake, the ornament of Shiva. The snake in turn is prey to peacock which is the vehicle of Subramanya, the other son of Shiva and Parvati. Yet all these coexist as part of one family. This is a symbol of tolerance and coexistence, explained the Minister.

Even though the river Cauvery has its origin in Talakaveri, Karnataka it has been a lifeline for three states. It is our duty to protect and conserve river Cauvery. It is laudable that more than 1 crore saplings have been planted in response to the clarion call of Sadguru Shri Jaggi Vasudev ji, said Dr K Sudhakar.

This is the first-of-its-kind movement in the whole world. More than 1,000 sq km of land is being afforested. We must conserve our forests and water bodies for future generations, said Minister.

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