Constant decrease witnessed in Petrol prices
Constant decrease witnessed in Petrol prices

The fall in prices of petrol and diesel is being witnessed from May 29, 2018, continues today. Petrol is cheaper by 14 paise per liter in Delhi today compared to last day. At the same time, diesel prices have also seen a drop of 10 paise per liter. On May 29, the price of one-liter petrol in Delhi was 78.43 rupees. Significantly, Union Minister Arun Jaitley has recently refused to cut excise duty on petrol and diesel.

Prices of petrol in major cities today is being seen as such. In cities where petrol is expensive, Bhopal is priced at Rs 81.14 per liter, in Patna, it is Rs 81.04 per liter, Jalandhar has a petrol price of Rs 80.73 per liter, Hyderabad Rs 80.03 per liter, Rs 79.99 per liter in Srinagar And Trivandrum has a price of Rs 78.63 per liter.

Rs 78.27 per liter in Jaipur, Rs 77.66 per liter in Guwahati, Rs 77.30 per liter in Jammu, Rs 76.77 per liter in Bangalore and Rs 76.56 per liter in Lucknow. Today, the cost of one liter of petrol in Delhi will be Rs 75.55. In Mumbai, petrol is sold at Rs 83.12 a liter. In Delhi, the cost of one-liter diesel is 67.38 rupees, while one-liter diesel in Mumbai is sold for Rs 71.52.

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