Contestant Drops Winning Hint in Journey Video for Bigg Boss 17!
Contestant Drops Winning Hint in Journey Video for Bigg Boss 17!

The journey videos of contestants from the popular reality show Bigg Boss 17 before the finale have started surfacing on Twitter. People are now speculating about the potential winner after watching these videos. Various analyses are circulating on social media platforms, discussing factors like whose video was shown first, and the duration each video was aired. Bigg Boss shared their thoughts on the contestants during their journeys, with special praise for Abhishek Kumar.

The Bigg Boss 17 finale is scheduled for January 28th, and contestants are required to stay inside the house until then. Every year, viewers and finalists are treated to videos showcasing their journeys. The videos of Season 17 have already gone viral, with Twitter handles dedicated to providing updates on the show analyzing them in detail. Abhishek Kumar seems to be gaining attention, with the channel possibly favoring him for the trophy. In Abhishek's video, Bigg Boss remarks that every story needs a strong villain to make it compelling, and Abhishek seems to fit that role.

Reports suggest that Abhishek's journey video will be the longest, with 22 minutes, followed by Anikta with 18 minutes, Arun with 15 minutes, Mannara with 17 minutes, and Munawwar with 21 minutes. Bigg Boss has portrayed Abhishek as both powerful and heroic. Several voting trends indicate a close competition between Abhishek and Munawwar, with Munawwar currently leading in most votes. However, Bigg Boss has consistently claimed bias throughout the show.

Possible titles for the contestants are speculated as follows:

Abhishek: Hero
Munawwar: Victim of Fate
Mannara: Misunderstood by Housemates
Anikta: Misunderstood by Husband
It remains to be seen who will claim the title in the finale.

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