Contestants struggle made Ranveer Singh emotional

Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh's reality show The Big show has begun on October 16. Ranveer's stunning game with the contestant on the first day of the show was a lot of entertainment. He encouraged the contestant. Ranveer is now set to be seen getting emotional in the second episode of the show.

In the same second episode, Gorakhpur-based contestant Abhay Singh narrates his sad story. Ranveer also gets emotional when he hears Abhay's story. The contestant said he had lost his father at the age of 12. The father's last wish was for Abhay to take care of himself and take care of him. Somehow, after spending his childhood, he started teaching them in school, which pays for the household expenses.

Ranveer's heart is filled with hearing this struggle of the same contestant. They can't hold back their tears. Ranveer also talks to the contestant's mother through video calls. The actor has shown a lot of his emotions in films but in reality he will be seen getting emotional for the first time. This is Ranveer Singh's first reality show which he is hosting. Ranveer Singh had made a stunning revelation while discussing family planning with the contestant on the show. Ranveer Singh said, "We will also have children in 2-3 years. Abhay, Bhai Saheb, your sister-in-law was such a cute baby, if you give me such a baby, life will be set. I am shortlisting the names of the children. If you don't mind, take this, I am Suryavir Singh."

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