Controversies ruined the career of these 6 Bollywood stars, some got caught in rape cases and some were ruined in casting couch
Controversies ruined the career of these 6 Bollywood stars, some got caught in rape cases and some were ruined in casting couch

Bollywood, the vibrant world of Indian cinema, holds immense allure for fans worldwide. However, behind the glitz and glamour, many celebrities have found themselves entangled in controversies that have derailed their careers. From drug scandals to criminal charges, these incidents have left a lasting impact on their professional lives.

Fardeen Khan

Fardeen Khan, who debuted in 1998 with the film 'Prem Aggan,' faced arrest in 2001 on charges of cocaine possession. This incident severely affected his career, although he later initiated a rehabilitation program. Recently, he made a comeback with the web series 'Hiramandi,' albeit with limited screen time.

Mamta Kulkarni

Once a popular and beautiful actress in Bollywood, Mamta Kulkarni's career was marred by a drug scandal. She faced allegations of involvement in drug trafficking, and her husband was also implicated. Following this case, the actress distanced herself from Bollywood entirely.

Monica Bedi

Actress Monica Bedi's association with underworld don Abu Salem led to her downfall. Both were arrested in Portugal in 2002 with fake passports. Monica also served time in prison, damaging her image and effectively ending her Bollywood career.

Shiney Ahuja

Shiney Ahuja's career took a nosedive after he was accused of rape by his housemaid. Known for films like 'Gangster' and 'Woh Lamhe,' the actor faced arrest and was eventually convicted. Although later acquitted, the damage to his career was irreversible.

Aman Verma

Aman Verma's involvement in a casting couch controversy surfaced in 2005 through a leaked video. The video allegedly showed him propositioning an actress for physical favors in exchange for work, tarnishing his career prospects significantly.

Suraj Pancholi

Actor Suraj Pancholi, son of Aditya Pancholi, faced a tumultuous period following the suicide of actress Jiah Khan in 2013. Jiah, his girlfriend, left a suicide note naming him. Suraj was arrested on charges of abetting her suicide but was later acquitted due to lack of evidence. These cases highlight the precarious nature of fame in Bollywood and the serious repercussions of controversies in the industry. Each incident not only affected the individuals involved but also underscored the challenges and pitfalls faced by those in the public eye.

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