Bhaiyyuji Maharaj shoots himself :Controversies related to model turned spiritual leader

Jun 12 2018 03:13 PM
Bhaiyyuji Maharaj shoots himself :Controversies related to model turned spiritual leader

The self-proclaimed guru,"Bhaiyyu Maharaj”  committed suicide on Tuesday, 12th of June 2018. while he shot a bullet right through his head, a controversy had risen as to what led him to take this step. Various controversies about his suicide have stepped in. Let us a look at previous controversies he was found in :

Mallika Rajput, who is an actress accused  "Bhaiyyu Maharaj”  as a trickster and fraud. She said that she had written a book on him, which he took away and denied to give back. There were 950 copies of the same book.

He fooled the lady and kept calling her from different identity numbers. She had even sent him a notice from the court on returning the book.he is a liar and keeps manipulating things. He is nothing else just fraud.

 Tushar Patil who was his PA refused the allegation and said that women are doing all this for publicity and nothing else, She is nothing and just wants to become famous.

Although she told Bhaiyyu Maharaj that she is writing a book but everything was fictional. 

Bhaiyyu Maharaj got marries to Dr Ayushi Sharma, who hails from Shivpuri, in Indore.
The wedding was in silver springs on April 30th. Only close relative and friends were invited.
He called himself a guru but surprise everyone when he decided to get married. He took sanyaas from the materialistic life just a year ago and one year later he got married. Want to fool the people?

Recently, he has also distanced himself from high profile people and leaders.

Bhaiyyu Maharaj's first wife, Madhavi, died in November 2015. people say that he was left all alone after his first wife’s death. He was living separately from his wife and after her first wife’s death, rumours with another lady were surfacing.according to sources, he had an affair with a lady in the ashram.
Some even say that he got remarried for his daughter. The marriage was a high profile one and delegates were invited. Various discussions arose when he took this step.

He is based in Indore while all his ashram works and trust, compliments in the rural parts of the state of Maharashtra.

He had a strong connection with Anna Hazare and this came into limelight when the then central government sent him to persuade Anna Hazare to call off his fast at the Ramlila ground. When he went there because of his good terms with the politician. He had really good ties with major politicians of the country.

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