The Pain of an Accidental Love. In Conversation with Entrepreneur and Author Tarun Poddar

What happens when you Do everything right for her, and she does everything wrong for you? An Entrepreneur and Controversial author Tarun Poddar latest — WHEN SHE MET ME sees him write for the first time in a accidental love narration.

The idea was to initiate a overwhelming expectation in society by youth says the author. “This work is very different from all the romantic novels I have written so far. It’s about ‘so called’ Accidental love. It’s a risky domain.

We wanted to talk about why we call it Accidental, ” he says, and adds, “What will you do if you find someone as your true and last love and that results your “ LAST LOVE” ? Shouldn’t it be called accidental because there is an unpredictable blast? As the subject is explosive, I wanted to handle it in a mature and sensitive way. I attempted it as the idea was challenging as well as interesting. I have beautified my words for a female character of my past life where I have paid everything as the price of loving her. I wanted to initiate a debate, how right it is when a boy gets heartbreak by losing his everything, and he needed to start his life from scratch.

His latest WHEN SHE MET ME is launching on Oct 12th 2019, talks about the Relationship he says “ I had lost faith in love still I dare to, because this “LOVE” is only the word mentioned as Truth everywhere and it actually exists.

While commenting about his previous rumors he added “ life is too long and surrounded with so many people and when they talk against me I feel happy and think “ Thank god, I have got a fan club” From the journey of a Sales Engineer to an Author, Tarun has come a long way since his debut novel “ Love Turns Back ?” and says the response has been truly over whelming and the controversy had helped him more for his popularity.

“The tables turned after the first book came out. If I had to divide my life my book ‘Love Turns Back ? became that dividing line. Quitting my job that day was a big leap of faith for me. I felt the hardship of getting my first novel published when I went to every publishing house I knew about. When I look back, I feel good about taking the decision to write after my first love was gone. I was determined ki ‘ ab to ye print ho kar rahegi”  I never gave up in my Life” Says Tarun.

Connecting with his readers is a divine feeling shares the author. With a good fan base and following, do people come up to him with their love stories and problems? “That is the first thing they do. After reading my breakup stories, many end up confiding in me. From one sided love stories, stories that ended in break-ups to tragic demise of their loved ones? I don’t write about their stories but can plan. but the issues they bring to the fore, definitely becomes one of the source and gives me ideas to pen”

On the notion of being an entrepreneur he says, “Life became very hectic being involved in work and I always listen from my friends for giving excuses for their birthday parties but I try to makeup.

A lot of people ask my friends “What Tarun does? When they say, He writes book, he is a business person; he is a singer and chef. They say “ I hope he is not a cardiologist too” but yes this is the truth that I find time for all my work.

When she met me, again his next true love story is releasing on Oct. 12th 2019 and expected with more gathering at the launch if any controversy doesn't touch his luck.

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