Conversion case: 'I said what is written in the Quran..', SIT questioned by former IAS Iftikharuddin

Lucknow: Former IAS officer Mohammad Iftikharuddin was questioned for 7 hours by SIT on Wednesday in connection with the promotion of conversion in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. In the interrogation, Iftikharuddin has admitted that the videos that have surfaced belong to him. During interrogation, he narrated the verses of the Quran to SIT and said what was wrong with what he had said in the video. In the interrogation, Iftikharuddin has said that he said what is written in the Quran. He was not willing to accept that he had said something wrong.

He had also arrived with three books he had written while appearing before the SIT. SIT feels that Iftikharuddin has used offensive language in his books more than videos. So SIT will now examine his books in depth. In fact, SIT had summoned Iftikharuddin to make a statement, but he did not come. He was then called by SIT on Tuesday (October 5, 2021) and promised to come on Wednesday. He reached the CBCID office around 2 pm on Wednesday. He was questioned by the SIT chief and member at the CBCID's office. He has since been recalled for questioning on Thursday (October 7). In fact, senior Kanpur employee leader Bhupesh Awasthi had also complained to CM Yogi about Iftikharuddin's viral video. In the video, a man is sitting in a chair addressing some Muslims sitting on the ground, who is said to be IAS Iftikharuddin.


Bhupesh Awasthi termed the video as controversial and said it talks about conversion. In the viral video, a Maulana is seen sitting with Iftikharuddin, who says, 'Tell the human beings all over the world, take Islam forward.'' Recently, when a brother from Punjab converted to Islam, ''I did not give him a feast. I said what was the reason for converting to Islam, so he said that my sister died. When she was burnt, her clothes were burnt and she was naked. Then I thought I had a daughter. People will see him the same tomorrow. That is why I did not feel any religion better than Islam and I accepted Islam.''

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