Uncontrolled corona in these states, lockdown will be imposed

New Delhi: Corona has started to scare again. In the last 24 hours, 56 patients in India have lost their lives due to coronavirus. 2,380 people have been affected. The situation in 36 districts of nine states of the country is uncontrolled. The positivity rate here is more than 5 per cent. That is, five or more of every 100 patients who have been tested for corona are being found to be infected. In such a situation, the question arises whether the restrictions can increase once again?

The Union Health Ministry has released its weekly report. It talks about the positivity rate of Corona in all the cities of the country. These figures are from April 13 to 19. According to it, there are 36 districts in nine states of the country where the infection rate has crossed five per cent. The virus is spreading rapidly in 14 districts of Kerala, the highest. The positivity rate here ranges from 14 per cent to 31.64 per cent. At number two are eight districts of Mizoram. Here in 7 cities, the positivity rate is more than 10 percent, while in one it is 6.87 percent. In addition, two districts of Manipur, two in Meghalaya and one district of Arunachal Pradesh are included. According to the Health Ministry, there are currently 13 thousand 433 active cases in the country. That is, these patients are undergoing treatment. The recovery rate of mean patients is 98.76 per cent. That means 98.76 people are recovering for every 100 patients. Now if you look at the daily positivity rate, that is, the number of patients getting every day, it is 0.53 per cent. On Wednesday, 4.49 lakh people were tested across the country and 0.53 per cent of them were found to be infected. At the same time, the weekly positivity rate is 0.43 percent.  

However, there is no year-old guideline from the centre level regarding the lockdown. Dr Rajinikanth, a senior expert at the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), says, "Lockdown is the last option. It is imposed in a situation when it seems that the virus can no longer be stopped without it. According to Dr Rajinikanth, "No lockdown can be imposed by the central government now. Initially, the central government had imposed a lockdown because at that time we did not have testing, hospital beds, vaccines and other resources to fight corona. Today everything is with you. More and more population has been vaccinated. The process of vaccination in children has also been intensified.'' On the question of lockdown in the state and districts, Dr Rajinikanth said, "It is for the state government and the district officials to decide that if the positivity rate of the corona is increasing in their country, how to stop it? They have many options for this. For example, he can create a cantonment zone. Other restrictions like a night curfew can be imposed. If the cases are not stopping even after this, then you can also decide to impose a lockdown at the district level.''

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