Corona havoc is not decreasing in Latin America, cases are constantly increasing

Washington: The outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic continues in Latin America. In this area, the number of Covid-19 victims has crossed 7 million. However, in many countries of Latin America, there has been a decline in new cases. In this region, more than 37 lakh 60 thousand have been found infected in Brazil alone. This country, after America, is the most affected by the epidemic in the world.

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According to the information received, on an average 77 thousand 800 new cases were found every day in the past week in Latin America. In the first week, this figure was about 85 thousand every day. While in Brazil, more than 44 thousand 235 cases have been reported on Thursday. And 984 victims have been killed. So far, more than 37 lakh 61 thousand infected have been found in this country. One lakh 18 thousand 649 have died. However, the Brazilian authorities claim that the country has now seen a decrease in new cases.

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As it has been known that the officials of Mexico are also talking about the decline in infection. There are about 5 lakh 80 thousand cases in Mexico. More than 62 thousand have been done. Whereas Peru, Colombia, Chile and Argentina of Latin America also have a large number of cases. In Peru, six million are infected and more than four in Chile.

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