Corona havoc on the rise in Indore, patients increase 5 times in 5 days

Indore: The havoc of corona infection is now on the rise in Indore, the cleanest city in Madhya Pradesh. There is a constant increase in the number of coronavirus infected patients. The results of new year and religious melo negligence are now emerging as infected. Let me tell you all that 110 new cases were reported in the city last Sunday. About 206 days later, the number of infected persons has come to light in the tens. Let us also tell you that the negligence of the people was evident in the recent fairs and religious events in the city. Yes, during this time, the Covid Protocol was severely flouted and people were seen without masks. Let us also tell you that the number of active patients in the city has increased by 5 times in 5 days.

Last Sunday, the number has gone up to 438. In view of the alarming situation in Corona, the Disaster Management Committee has decided that 2500 beds will be provided at 8 Covid Centres this time. As per the information received, oxygen plants will also be commissioned from today. In fact, in view of the increasing corona infection, radhaswamy covid care centre is being started from today.

Let me tell you that out of the total 439 infected people who were reported in December 2021 in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh, the worst affected by corona, 77 per cent have received both doses of corona vaccine. According to official information, 20 per cent of the total 439 infected in Indore district reported in December 2021, i.e., 88 (48 men and 40 women) are infected who have not received a single dose of corona vaccine. On the other hand, 2.5 per cent i.e.

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