In Tamil Nadu, corona war intensifies, offices to open with 50 percent efficiency

May 04 2021 03:21 PM
In Tamil Nadu, corona war intensifies, offices to open with 50 percent efficiency

Chennai: Restrictions have been extended after more than 20,000 new corona cases were reported for the second consecutive day in Tamil Nadu. As per the new rules, only 50 percent of the employees will be present in all private and government offices in the state. The new restrictions on dealing with a corona in the state will come into effect from May 6 and will continue till the 20th. More than 50 percent of passengers will also not be allowed in trains, metro services, buses, and taxis.

With this, orders can be taken from restaurants and tea shops only by 12 noon. They will be banned from sitting and eating. Grocery and vegetable shops will also remain open till 12 noon. However, essential salmon shops, medical stores, and milk depots will remain open as before. Apart from this, spas, gyms, malls, theatres, etc. Farmers will also remain closed during this period in the state. Cinema halls have also been ordered to be completely closed. Rules have also been framed by the government regarding the last rites. More than 20 people will not be allowed in the funerals.

With this, night curfew from 10 pm to 4 am will also remain in force till 20th May as before. There will be a full lockdown across the state on Sunday. Fish, meat, and poultry shops will remain closed every Saturday till May 20. However, the industries will continue to operate during the night curfew. Industries manufacturing essential commodities will not stop operating.

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