Corona outbreak in Dehradun, death rate decreasing

Dehradun: Preventing the deaths of Covid infected patients in Uttarakhand is becoming a major problem for the government. While the number of infected cases is decreasing, the graph of death due to Covid is increasing even more rapidly. Covid patients have died more in private hospitals than in government hospitals. A total of 52 Covid positive patients have died in 3 days. Out of 52, 38 died in private hospitals.

The first Covid infected died at the end of April in AIIMS Rishikesh. The death rate decreased gradually. The number of deaths is increasing rapidly at present. Government Medical College Doon, Haldwani with AIIMS Rishikesh has the highest number of Covid infected patients admitted. While in private hospitals, deaths of Covid patients are very high, despite the number of deaths.

People usually go to private hospitals for better treatment. According to the Health Ministry data, 52 corona infected have died in the state in the last three days. In this, 38 deaths have occurred in private hospitals. Covid infection is being treated in Government Hospital from day one. According to the treatment protocol, the infected are being treated. Whereas the private hospital has been given permission last month to treat COVID patients. 

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