Corona infection weakens as soon as it comes into the air, this way you can easily escape

These days, amidst the increasing cases of omicrons, there are many shocking things coming to light. Now a shocking research has come to light recently. In fact, scientists at bristol university in England say that within 20 minutes of exposure to the air, the corona virus weakens by 90%. Not only that, but also, in the first 5 seconds, the virus loses half its strength. In fact, recently researchers have also cited the reason for this. They say this is due to moisture in the air and lack of carbon dioxide. Tell all of you that covid-19 disease is transmitted through the air.

According to scientists, air is fluid and contains a variety of particles that spread to the atmosphere over time. In view of all this, it is being said that corona virus is also able to spread with this air. When an infected person coughs or sneezes and we breathe the same air close to it, the virus is transferred to our body. Researchers also say that air dries up virus particles and at the same time, the pH level of the virus increases due to lack of carbon dioxide in the air. Being both these things, the virus loses its ability to spread infection in minutes.

Scientists have also claimed that the corona virus survives longer in an environment with moisture and high carbon dioxide content, since it finds both of these things in our lungs, so it does not leave our body easily. Recent research has proved that in an office-like place where moisture in the atmosphere is less than 50%, the virus loses 50% of its infection spread in just 5 seconds. But the strength of the virus lasts longer due to moisture in the steam room or shower room. According to research, the virus's ability to spread infection disappears within minutes of coming into the air. Wearing masks and following social distensing can prevent corona infection very well.

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