Overuse of drugs will increase risk of black fungus, govt warns

New Delhi: The third wave of corona infection caused by omicrons in India is now becoming uncontrolled. The number of patients received daily has also started scaring. Meanwhile, the Central Government has issued an important warning. The government says that medicines should not be overused or misused in corona treatment as it could aggravate the black fungus crisis.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, NITI Aayog member Dr VK Paul expressed concern over the overuse or misuse of medicines. He said that whatever medicines we take should be used rationally. It should not be overused. The last time we saw that excessive use of drugs had aggravated the crisis of mucormycosis, he added.

Dr Paul further said that steroids increase the risk of mucormycosis. Steroids are a life-saving drug but also has some side effects and it also messes up the immune system. Dr VK Paul said that the protocol for the treatment of corona has been prepared by the expert. He said that in case of fever, paracetamol and Ayush syrup can be taken in case of phlegm. If the phlegm remains for more than three days, an inhaler named Budesonide can be taken. Apart from this, gargles can also be done. You can take this at home also.

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