Corona vaccination campaign: More than 75 lakh vaccinated in India

New Delhi: The number of covid-19 vaccination centers has now increased to 253 in Delhi. Due to this, 15807 people got the covid vaccine on Thursday. This is the largest number ever. However, only 62.47 percent of immunization has been achieved against the target. In the meanwhile, only 12 people had mild side effects. None of which required any hospitalization. Many immunization centers resulted in 100 or more vaccinations.

Target to vaccinate 6 lakh front line workers first: It has been learned that the vaccination of covid-19 has started more than 3 weeks. Meanwhile, more than 1.5 lakh health workers and front line workers have been vaccinated in Delhi. In Delhi, the target is to get the first vaccination of about 2.5 lakh health workers and 6 lakh front line workers. Initially, vaccination is being done at 81 centers. Now it has increased to 253. Awareness campaign has been started to accelerate vaccination campaign. Due to which the campaign is now gaining momentum.

Number of vaccination centers reached 253: According to the information received, 25300 employees were targeted to be vaccinated at 253 centers. Under which 12603 people were vaccinated with covishield at 184 centers. Out of these, 9 people had mild side effects. At the same time, the target was to give cocaine vaccine to 6900 employees at 69 centers. Whose vaccination was less at centers. 3204 people got the cocaine vaccine. 3 people taking covaxine had mild discomfort. Hospitals in the West District are witnessing enthusiasm regarding vaccination. It is also being said that there were 2460 vaccinations in the district. The northern district area had the lowest 761 vaccinations, the lowest. To increase the vaccination campaign against covid in Delhi, the Government of Delhi is continuously increasing the number of vaccination centers. The number of vaccination centers will increase to 265 before 11 February.

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