Corona virus can spread from your mobile screen, know how
Corona virus can spread from your mobile screen, know how

New Delhi: Mobile is an invention that simplifies the life of the common man, which is nothing short of a miracle. The mobile phone is such a technology, whose entire world is covered in a 5 inch screen. But, apart from this technology, there is another version of mobile phones. The screen of your mobile phone is also home to the coronavirus, then you probably won't believe it but it is a reality.

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The coronavirus can spread rapidly on any type of surface or surface such as mobile phones, stair railings. If an infected person accidentally sneezes or coughs on your mobile phone, it can also become a reason to spread corona. Coronavirus can remain on the surface of the mobile for up to 4 days. The fear of spreading corona from mobile is more because many times a day we pick up the mobile by hand and sometimes apply it on our cheeks and ears.

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Not only mobiles, but the coronavirus can also spread on many surrounding surfaces and can survive on those surfaces for several days, which makes it more likely to grow. The corona can live on plastic or steel for up to 3 days. It can survive 36 hours on the walls. That is, whoever touches those surfaces till 3 days after the infected person, there is every possibility of being a victim of this virus.

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