Corona continues wreaking havoc in China, new cases are increasing continuously
Corona continues wreaking havoc in China, new cases are increasing continuously

Beijing: The havoc of Corona rising on one side has increased so much now. That there is only a view of Tawahi everywhere. As of now, the number of people who have died from this virus has exceeded 11000. At the same time, the fear of this virus is spread among people. At the same time, doctors are still searching for treatment to fight this disease. Even though China is claiming that the coronavirus (covid-19) has ended there, but the truth is not. Until the vaccine or any medicine of the coronavirus arrives, it is not possible to completely eliminate this deadly virus.

According to the information received, new cases are also coming to China. However, their speed is now quite low. Officials of China's Health Department said that 14 new Kovid-19 cases were registered. These include 12 asymptomatic individuals. The number of infected in the country reached 82,877, while the death toll has come down to 4,633.

China's National Health Commission (NHC) said that in addition to 12 asymptomatic cases, two new cases have come to the fore, including one imported and the other local level. However, no person died due to coronavirus infection on Saturday, so the death toll is only 4,633. The number of infected cases in the country has reached 82,877 and 531 of them are still under treatment. The NHC said that China has so far registered a total of 1,672 imported cases, of which 451 are Chinese nationals coming from abroad. Six of these are in critical condition.

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