'New Variant' of corona, vaccines also ineffective

New Delhi: The A.30 variant has now raised panic around the world after the delta variant of the coronavirus. Its cases are being registered in the African country of Angola and the European country Sweden. It is a dangerous variant that is not affected by the antibodies from the PfizerĀ and The Astrazeneca vaccine. A new lab study has revealed information in this regard. A German team has done research on this rare A.30 variant. The first case was found in Tanzania, then cases have also been registered in Angola and Sweden.

Scientists have compared this mutation to beta and eta variants. Beta was selected because it reduces the effect of antibodies the most. The research has appeared this week in the peer-review journal Cellular and Molecular Immunology. It turns out that the A.30 variant could enter most of the major cells, including kidney, liver and lung cells. Research has found that mutation 'enters some cell lines with increased efficiency and escapes antibodies.'

State that these variants have also proved resistant to monoclonal drug Bamlanivimba, which is used in the treatment of covid-19. But the mixture of Bamlanivimab and Atesevimab has looked weak. The World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet put the A.30 variant of coronavirus in the list of variants of concern or variant of interest. This is because it doesn't spread much faster.

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