Omicron: Third wave may come in January, peak in February!

New Delhi: Corona virus cases of the 'omicron' variant are on the rise in the country. The concern is growing as a result of these increasing cases, and there are fears of a third wave of corona between them. Professor Manindra Agarwal of IIT Kanpur recently presented an unexpected claim. "The country's third wave of Covid-19 could start in January 2022," he says.

He recently analysed data from South Africa and other nations and concluded, "The omicron spreads twice as rapidly than the delta version, thus banning can lower the number of cases." Omicron has been classified as a 'worrying variation' by the World Health Organization (WHO). "It's anticipated to climax by February," he added, "and daily cases of illness might reach 1.5 lakh." The Omicron type had only recently arrived in South Africa, but it was quickly spreading. "The reason for this was that over 80% of the individuals there had gained natural immunity to covid, i.e., they have already recovered from covid-19," he explained.

"There has only been one research so far, according to which the rate of reinfection has grown by three times in the previous three months," he added of the dangers of reinfection from the Omicron strain. The stats, on the other hand, are quite low. Only 1% of those infected in South Africa became sick again. Omicron is circumventing natural immunity, yet it hasn't had a significant negative impact.

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