Number of Corona Warriors increased in the capital

Apr 23 2021 12:02 PM
Number of Corona Warriors increased in the capital

On the one hand, even though the number of covid patients is increasing in the capital, on the other hand, a large number of patients are also beating covid. According to the report released on Thursday, covid has been defeated by the highest ever 6,207 patients in the capital, which has given new hope to the covid Hospital along with the Ministry of Health that a large number of people will be discharged from covid hospitals gradually. As before, the situation will be normal soon, but people will still have to be cautious.

More than 5,000 infected: The report released on Thursday in the capital confirmed infections in 5,239 people while 19 patients lost their lives due to infection. At present, there are 54,967 active covid cases in the capital. So far, 1,584 patients have lost their lives. In addition, one lakh more people have recovered completely so far.

Number of recoverers to increase gradually: Janha It has been revealed that Lohia Institute spokesperson Dr. Srikesh Singh points out that the number of cases in the capital has suddenly increased but now the number of discharges is also increasing. We are getting a discharge of patients sometimes up to 15 and sometimes up to 10 patients every day. Hopefully, the number of discharges will go up as before because the patients who have been admitted after being infected earlier are now slowly being discharged, but that does not mean that we should sit still because the crisis of covid has not yet been averted. On the other hand, Ms. Dr.  Ajay Shankar Tripathi points out that the number of patients discharged now is around 4 to 5, but the same figure is coming second. Patients are recovering fast. It is expected that the situation may be better than before. People also have to be patient, trust doctors, they are being taken care of.

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