Corona's entry in Allahabad High Court too, 3 judges infected

Lucknow:Corona virus infection is increasing rapidly in Uttar Pradesh. The virus has now entered the Allahabad High Court as well. Where three judges have been found to be infected with corona. The judges have been stirred up after they were infected. The localities of the three judges have been declared hot spots. Staff and people, including judges who came in contact with them, are currently being tested.

Earlier on Sunday, a meeting of the administrative committee led by High Court Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal decided to hold a virtual hearing of the cases from January 3. The corona is now leading to virtual hearings of cases in the Allahabad High Court and Lucknow. According to the new guideline, lawyers, scribes and litigants will not be allowed to enter the court premises. Cases already filed during the virtual hearing will also be produced before the court. At the same time, cases can be registered online as well as at private offices. Counters will be opened outside the court campus for this purpose.

In view of the increasing corona cases, the Supreme Court, Delhi and gujarat high court are now being heard online in the Allahabad High Court as well. The decision was taken by the administrative committee of judges in view of the circumstances of corona infection.

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