Corona shadow on budget, 73 years old tradition will break

Jan 22 2021 09:50 AM
Corona shadow on budget, 73 years old tradition will break

After all, the shadow of covid-19 has also been on the 73-year-old budget tradition. In Azad India, financial accounts were presented as the budget for the first time on 26th November 1947. Since then, there is a practice of printing the budget to be tabled in Parliament, but this year, the tradition is showing a stretching. The reason why the fragrance of pudding will not spread in the Finance ministry this time before the formal start of budget printing.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to present soft copy on February 1st budget: It has been revealed that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is going to present the budget with soft copy on February 1st this time. The MPs are also not going to be given a hard copy of the budget i.e. In addition to the budget, the economic survey is also not being printed this year. These traditions have to be broken because the budget is printed in a very confidential manner. Between printing, more than 50 employees live together in the North block of the Ministry of Finance for 15 days, completely away from their household, which is not possible in this round of Covid. Allowing the employees to get out of the budget printing will be likely to leak the budget. It is also being said that in view of all these aspects, this time the budget is going to be fully soft instead of printing it.

The secrecy of the budget printing can be estimated from the fact that the employees involved in the process are allowed to go home after the budget is presented in Parliament. In the meantime, the press of the Ministry of Finance does not allow them to keep mobile phones. They are going to talk to somebody only in case of an emergency. Some other employees also live in the North block for the food and drink arrangements of all these employees which are going to be crowded during printing. In view of the covid-19 infection, the government cannot take any risk. However, the number of printed copies of the budget has been reduced considerably for the last few years. According to experts, the printing was decreasing, but the crew of the budget printing tradition was still intact.

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