Man makes immunity booster tea after leaving manager post
Man makes immunity booster tea after leaving manager post

In the whole country many people have been infected due to Corona virus, many people have lost their lives. Amidst all this, everyone is saying that to avoid corona, we have to strengthen our digestive system and increase our immunity power. For your information, let us tell you that when all the people were trying to keep themselves away from the corona by sitting in the house, this person left the job of manager in Mumbai and went to farming in his soil. Chandrashekhar Pandey, a resident of Garuda in Uttarakhand, has brought five varieties of tea made from Tulsi and herbs into the market.

In fact, they claim that it also has a tea immunity enhancer. Through this, Pandey is also showing the way of self-employment to the people. And along with Bageshwar, Pandey's tea has become the people's choice in Garuda Bazaar. With this, Chandrasekhar Pandey's name is no longer new in the field of agriculture, horticulture. Pandey, who worked in Mumbai's prestigious jewelery shop for nearly 26 years, brought the pain of mountain migration to the village in 2017. He left the job of a manager in a jewelry shop in Mumbai and returned to the village with his family.

Here they have now introduced Tulsi, herbal tea in the market along with farming, gardening. Pandey has launched five products in the market named Immunity Booster Tea, Tulsi-Garkha Tea, Tulsi Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Herbs made from Kemu Mile Tea. At the same time, tea is sold in the shop allotted to Jai Bali Bubu Soyabean Producer Group Squares in Golu Market of Garuda. Along with Garuda, this tea is available in the market of Bageshwar. Taking it with great fervor. Currently, they have launched five thousand packets of tea. A packet costs Rs 40. Pandey says that 100 cups of tea can be made from one packet.

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