Coronavirus increased discomfort in China, getting untreated corona infected
Coronavirus increased discomfort in China, getting untreated corona infected

Beijing: The havoc of Corona, which has been steadily increasing for the past several days, has been an enemy of innocent people's lives, thousands of deaths are occurring every day due to this virus. The number of infected people is constantly increasing, not only that, now the coronavirus has also taken the form of an epidemic, after which the food shortage in the homes of people is increasing, not knowing that due to this virus many innocent lives that have come to the brink of destruction. The death toll has crossed 2 lakh 52 thousand worldwide and still no break of this virus has been found.

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Many countries have now started making concessions in the corona lockdown. These include countries with large populations of the world like India and China. In the lockdown, millions of people went out on the streets in countries with large populations as soon as they got relief. However, in the meantime, in many countries including India, the highest number of infections were reported on a single day on Sunday. Not only this, some local cases have also been reported in China. According to experts, this is a matter of concern. A top Chinese health official also warned that there was a danger of Corona returning to the country.

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Concern in China due to cases without symptoms: In the last two weeks in China, new cases have been reported at the local level of their spread in 10 province-level regions. China's National Health Commission said that three new cases of coronavirus were reported on Sunday. These three patients reached China from abroad. 13 such cases have also been reported in which there were no symptoms. According to the NHC, till Sunday, 962 cases have been kept under surveillance in which no symptoms of the disease were shown. Of these, 98 cases have come from abroad. 2,500 new cases of infection were reported in the more populous country India on Sunday.

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