Ration shops crowded in Uttarakhand, no awareness of social distancing

Mar 29 2020 04:42 PM
Ration shops crowded in Uttarakhand, no awareness of social distancing

In Uttarakhand, how the people of social distancing flew off during the lockdown can be gauged from the fact that the rush of ration shops gathered in the morning. Along with this, people filled bags in bags and took the goods. On the other hand, in Jwalapur area of Haridwar, there was a rush of people to buy goods during the relaxation in lockdown since morning. It is being told that there is a problem with the shortage of flour and rice in many places.

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This is the same shop which is being opened for customers every day till one o'clock in the afternoon, but in spite of this people are not deterring from gathering crowds. According to the information, the police went back in the morning putting people in line. But again the situation became the same. The police made people aware of social distance in many places in the district and got themselves distributed ration by standing there. Along with this, people supported the policemen during this time.

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At one place in Dehradun, there was a rush in the ration shop, there people were seen carrying goods in two sacks. On the one hand, on Shimla bypass road, there was a crowd in the shop to buy ration. Along with this, people came out of the house unnecessarily in many places. At the same time, in Almora, the police made a cock by bringing the youth out of the house to take ration. During this, the police instructed not to go out on the streets.

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