Covid-19 may spread more via respiratory droplets in winter: Scientists

Oct 16 2020 03:22 PM
Covid-19 may spread more via respiratory droplets in winter: Scientists

 Coronavirus has been wreaking havoc in all over the world for many month. Now,  scientict claims that it can be more dangerous in Winter.  According to a new research. While transmission of the covid-19 as small aerosol particles is more significant in summer, direct contact with respiratory droplets may be more pronounced in the winter .   As per the modelling study, published in the journal Nano Letters,  the currently followed physical distancing guidelines are inadequate in curbing the transmission of corona pandemic.

Yanying Zhu, a co-author of the study from the University of California (UC) Santa Barbara in the US said that they has  found that in most situations, respiratory droplets travel longer distances than the 6-foot social distance recommended by the CDC.  The scientists said this effect is increased with the droplets transmitting to distances of up to 6 metres (19.7 feet) before falling to the ground in indoor environments, where temperatures are low and humidity.  Scientists claims that in such environments, the virus is particularly persistent, remaining infectious from several minutes to longer than a day in various environments."

According to the study lead author Lei Zhao These are very tiny particles, usually smaller than 10 microns. And they can suspend in the air for hours, so people can take in those particles by simply breathing.

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