Chandigarh police arresting lockdown breakers in unique way
Chandigarh police arresting lockdown breakers in unique way

At this time, everyone is worried by the havoc of the Coronavirus. Everyone is being asked to live in their respective homes. There are many people who are not following the lockdown. Many people have been seen so far who have not been able to follow the lockdown. The police have also caught such people strictly, but there is a danger of coronavirus infection in handcuffs, in view of this, the Chandigarh Police has found a unique way to catch such criminals without putting their hands.

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According to the information received, VIP Security Wing has created a stick-like device which is named 'Lockdown Breaker'. It has a mesh on one side and a handle on the other side. As soon as we load it like a gun, it grabs the culprit from the waist. In a mock drill, the Chinese police had also done this, although the head of the culprit was used by tying a net to one end of the poles.

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This idea of Chandigarh Police is very good for people and its video is going viral. Chandigarh DGP Sanjay Beniwal has posted this video on Twitter. In this, a policeman is seen holding a person with the help of this device with a pliers-like shape who refused to put himself in self-quarantine. However, due to this work of Chandigarh Police, social distancing is also happening and the risk of infection is also less visible.

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