After being discharged from hospital, patients re-hospitalized due to Coronavirus
After being discharged from hospital, patients re-hospitalized due to Coronavirus

The coronavirus has been seen most in China in the world. Coronavirus is making people sick again who have been discharged from the hospital. In the Chengdu city of southwestern Sichuan province of China, the person who had been discharged after recovering from the disease had to be admitted to the hospital again. The investigation report of the man who was re-admitted to the hospital came back positive. This information has been provided by the city's Public Health Diagnostic Center.

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According to the report about this virus, the investigation conducted 10 days after the patient was discharged revealed that he was infected with the coronavirus. It is not that this is the only incident of its kind in China. The official statement said that such incidents have also been reported from other areas. China's newspaper People's Daily has quoted experts as saying that coronavirus confirmed again in any discharged patient may be due to discrepancy in samples.

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In the official guideline, it has been said that recharged patients should be tested negative again. Doctors are also surprised by this behavior of the virus. The newspaper People's Daily quoted a doctor treating pneumonia caused by the virus in Sichuan province as saying that hospitals used a test of inflammation of the nose and throat to check before patients were discharged, but now the samples coming out of the lungs are also important to check.

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