Husband dies of heart attack after hearing news of wife tested corona positive

Muzaffarpur: Corona infection continues to spread day by day. Many people have fallen prey to this. Many people have lost their loved ones. Now after knowing the matter which has recently come to light, your senses will fly away. According to the information received, after hearing the wife's corona positive report in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, the husband's senses flew away. The husband got a heart attack and on the way to the hospital, the husband died. After the death, the body was not allowed by the villagers to descend from the ambulance.

The administration was informed about this. After receiving the information, the administrative officials and the local head cooperated and the body was buried with the help of JCB. According to the news, the woman suffering from Corona has been admitted to COVID Care Hospital.

The corona test report of a 60-year-old man's wife came positive in Saraiya of Muzaffarpur. As soon as the husband got the news about this, he got a heart attack. He was then taken to the hospital but died on the way. The name of the deceased is Murlidhar Thakur, resident of Anandpur Gangolia village of Saraiya block.

His wife was tested Corona positive and the report of the deceased Muralidhar Thakur came negative. As soon as he was told about his wife, his health started deteriorating. He was then brought to SKMCH for treatment where he died before treatment even started. Later the body of the deceased was sent home by ambulance but the people of the village did not allow the body to be taken out of the ambulance. The body has been lying in the ambulance for about 7 hours and after that Muralidhar's son who lives in Jaipur informed the administration about it. Then the dead body was buried somewhere with the help of officials.

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