Horrific accident: Hotel collapsed in China, many died
Horrific accident: Hotel collapsed in China, many died

Beijing: The effects of increasing incidents and crime incidents are now being seen all over the world. At the same time, there is no mention of ending the events and in the middle of the Coronavirus tragedy in China, a hotel providing facilities to keep suspected patients in Fujian province collapsed. In this, 10 people died. 71 people were trapped in the accident on Saturday in this hotel located in the city of Quanzhou.

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According to the information received, it has been learned that China's official news agency, Shenhua, in its report on Sunday, March 8, 2020, said, "Those people were being kept in the hotel, who were infected during the Coronavirus rescue operation. Here they were being kept separate and they were being monitored. The official newspaper People's Daily tweeted, 'The death toll in the hotel accident has gone up to 10. Efforts are on to rescue 23 people trapped under the debris. Meanwhile, the investigation report of the people killed in the accident came negative. That means they were not infected with Corona.

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Shinjia Hotel had been operating since the year 2018 and there were 80 rooms in it. Initial investigation has revealed that the decoration was going on in the hotel when this accident happened. The owner of the hotel has been taken into custody by the police. About one thousand firemen, police officers and doctors have been engaged in relief and rescue work. The Ministry of Disaster Management has sent a task force to Kujhu, which will help in the relief work and find out the cause of the accident.

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