America refuses to join COVAX alliance made to find COVID19 vaccine
America refuses to join COVAX alliance made to find COVID19 vaccine

Efforts are on to make the vaccine of coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the United States has refused to come up with a global group formed for the purpose of preparing, producing and distributing it. Recently the Global Access Facility has been set up under the co-leadership of the World Health Organization so that different countries can connect with each other about the corona vaccine and everyone can be given the vaccine as soon as possible.

America says that it will not be part of the group because it is co-led by the World Health Organization. The World Health Organization, together with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and Gavi, has formed COVAX. The deadline to join COVAX was 31st August. In the last month, WHO had given information that 170 countries are discussing to join COVAX. It has another purpose, that once the vaccine is ready, it can be distributed equally among different countries. America alone is working fast on preparing the vaccine.

A spokesman of the US white house says that "America will work with its international partners to defeat Corona, but will not be part of the corrupt World Health Organization and the organization working under the influence of China." In May, the US announced to separate itself from the WHO and then stopped funding WHO. Before that America used to give the most funds to WHO.

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