Policeman deployed at the check post raped the woman

May 22 2020 02:47 PM
Policeman deployed at the check post raped the woman

At this time, cases of crime are also increasing in lockdown. The matter that has come up is shocking. In fact, a policeman posted at a check-post in East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand has been accused of raping a woman. According to the report of a website, "Last Wednesday (20-05-2020), he reached the woman's house. Threatening to kill the woman, he forcibly took her to a deserted place and he committed a disgusting thing like rape with the woman.

In this case, the victim first informed her father about this. The victim's father told this to some people of the village and started searching for the accused. In this case, the people of the area grabbed the accused from near the community building.

Now it is also being told that the accused policeman was staying in this community building. According to reports, after beating the accused policeman, the villagers handed him over to the police. After investigation, the accused officer has been taken into custody by the police and the police has also assured the victim's family of justice.

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