Covid center in Romania becomes the cause of death of people, know why

Continuously increasing incidents around the world are causing problems for many innocent people today. Today, we have brought a case for you, which will shock you. Yes, this is the case of Romania where a very sad incident happened reported.

According to information received, a fire broke out in the ICU ward of a hospital in Romania, where people infected with covid were being treated. Seven patients lost their lives in this incident. At the same time, it has been learned that Irina Popa, spokeswoman for the emergency service of Romania's Northern Niemt County, said that the fire on Saturday engulfed two rooms, in which 16 patients were admitted.

Continuing his talk, he said that the casualties were being infected with the coronavirus. He said that the condition of a patient caught in the fire is critical. At the same time, an employee is also badly burnt.

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