Covid management: Goa govt readying for the 3rd Covid wave protection for children

Goa: Preparing standard operating procedures for Covid management among children, creating medical infrastructure to handle children infected with coronavirus, as well as roping in paediatricians for evolving treatment protocol, the Goa government is readying for the third Covid wave, which experts have claimed could impact children.

Sawant, whose government had formed a special task force (STF) to deal with the third wave of infections last week, also said, that a strategy was being worked out to deal with it. "We need an SOP for management of Covid-19 in children. There should be a common SOP in coordination with AIIMS. The training will be imparted to all doctors, nurses, and has been started and also for counsellors," Sawant said.  He added that "It is important that parents should be given counselling. There is also a need to strictly implement and monitor home isolation to curb disease transmission."

Sawant said that preparation for the third wave of Covid-19 would also involve raising the requisite infrastructure related to paediatric care. Sawant said that the Goa government would be commissioning a 10-bedded neonatal intensive care unit at the Goa Medical College, along with a similar five-bedded facility in another government hospital.

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